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Pussy’s Seduction

Pardon me…

To gain my attention…lure me in.
To capture my interest…let me explore you.
To tempt me…intrigue me.
To entrance me…draw me into your fantasy.
To excite me…touch me with deliberate intent.
To make me ache…tease me mercilessly.
To make me tremble…show me your sensual diversity.
To know me…taste me.
To elicit a sigh…stroke me with tender authority.
To elicit a moan…breach the walls of my inhibition.
To make me scream…push me farther than I think I can go.
To feel me gush…make me shake, quiver, twitch and cum.
To possess me…be worthy.

Do these things with empathy, respect, understanding and unbridled heat, and you will find your possession is wholly devoted to you. You will find yourself lost inside a world of pleasure that is ours to discover. You will find your own walls breached, your boundaries pushed, and you will ache for the opportunity to paint me white with your passion again.

Is it seduction you need? Is the temptation to touch me, taste me, plunge into me calling to your body? Do you writhe and struggle with the urge to follow me down the streams of sweat on your body?

And…is the lure enough?

originally published on May 27, 2013



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Enter Pussy’s Confessional

As you know, CJ is on hiatus. Apparently, hiatus is code for passed-out-after-too-many-rum-and-coke-zeros. Not being the sort of Pussy that passes up opportunities, I decided it was time for me to have my say. And I say this: Fuck the hiatus. CJ can take her hiatus. She can rest and relax and rejuvenate like she’s on vacation at Club Fucking Med, but in the meantime, It’s Pussy Time!

Life happens. Sometimes it pulls people away from the things that are important. It makes people uncomfortably shift their priorities, like people crammed into an elevator, afraid to stand too close to the stranger next to them. Sometimes life requires sacrifices, tough decisions, and painful partings. And sometimes, life requires Random Acts of Pussy.

There is a subtle difference between CJ and me. CJ is an emotion-driven person. She seeks to experience the world through her heart. Whereas I, a Willful Pussy, prefer to experience the world through my muscular, wet walls. Where CJ is about emotion, I am about sensation. Strangely though, the two are often tied together. Some of the most quivering moments I have known were driven, not by the most fantastic cock to enter me, but by the cock that CJ felt most passionately and emotively for. I am a simple bundle of nerves after all. Stroke me and I will purr for you. But stroke CJ, invoke her mind, involve her overactive imagination, engage her passionate heart, and my purrs become howls, moans, juicy floods of satisfaction that wreck the duvet cover and mean extra laundry in the morning.

When it is all said and done, however, I am just a simple Pussy. I want to be quenched. I want to be fulfilled. My goal, my deepest delight, is to know intimately every stroke of a masterful cock. To feel the sweeping attentions of a diligent and nimble tongue. To have just the right spots licked, pounded, petted, pressed, and delighted by any manner of digits or items simulating them.

I desire orgasm. I desire release so profound that I shoot liquid, that I shake and quiver, clench and tremble. I desire the most base and simplistic primal need. I. WANT. TO. CUM.

Ultimately, I don’t care if CJ loves you. What matters is whether or not I love you. Because if I don’t, look out. I’ll be prowling the alleys, bookstores, universities, coffee shops, home improvement stores, farmers markets and online advertisements, for my next taste of abandon.

So…what does this Pussy want? Easy. This Pussy wants abandon, possession, satisfaction, loving abuse, attention, creativity, perseverance, reverence, tender mishandling, fearlessness, deliberation, passion, ferocity and a fierce pounding that is felt for days thereafter. Isn’t that just about what every Pussy craves?

So, faithful readers, let me be your Priestess. Allow me the pleasure of presiding over your confessional. Sit on the wooden bench, slide back the screen and whisper your darkest desires to me.

Tell me, sinful readers, what do you crave?


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Until Next Time

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Until next time, wishing you a beautiful day. xxo CJ


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