Pussy’s Seduction

Pardon me…

To gain my attention…lure me in.
To capture my interest…let me explore you.
To tempt me…intrigue me.
To entrance me…draw me into your fantasy.
To excite me…touch me with deliberate intent.
To make me ache…tease me mercilessly.
To make me tremble…show me your sensual diversity.
To know me…taste me.
To elicit a sigh…stroke me with tender authority.
To elicit a moan…breach the walls of my inhibition.
To make me scream…push me farther than I think I can go.
To feel me gush…make me shake, quiver, twitch and cum.
To possess me…be worthy.

Do these things with empathy, respect, understanding and unbridled heat, and you will find your possession is wholly devoted to you. You will find yourself lost inside a world of pleasure that is ours to discover. You will find your own walls breached, your boundaries pushed, and you will ache for the opportunity to paint me white with your passion again.

Is it seduction you need? Is the temptation to touch me, taste me, plunge into me calling to your body? Do you writhe and struggle with the urge to follow me down the streams of sweat on your body?

And…is the lure enough?

originally published on May 27, 2013



Filed under Erotica, Pussy's Jukebox

8 responses to “Pussy’s Seduction

  1. “To possess me…be worthy.”


  2. My heart has come to terms I must confess; of what I do not understand,
    a heart that desires a sensual touch and our bodies to collide.

  3. I Absolutely Loved This Blog!

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