With a Whisper or a Bang

She breezes back into the blogosphere, with a whisper of fabric to serve as the herald of her arrival. The hiatus has come blessedly to an end.

In the silence of these last few months she has found a new voice. In the stillness of space between her words, entire stories have been told. Chapters have been ended, plot twists have taken place. New characters have been introduced, and well-known faces have faded to distant memory. When the wind picks up and blows the sand away from the edges, you may be surprised by what is left behind.

There is a hard-won wisdom, a new, vigorous self-respect, a wicked intent that has had time to percolate, and new-found longing for things that have been lost. There are adventures not yet spoken of. Characters not yet introduced into this heady tale. So much to look forward to; so much that lies the rear-view mirror still pulling on invisible strings attached to the heart.

Every end signals a new beginning. Every death is followed by a birth. Every exit is significant, whether that final goodbye is uttered in a whisper or a bang. And every entrance is equally significant, whether a quiet hello through lowered lashes or a boisterous greeting.

Neither the whisper nor the bang signify the surprise that lies within each new beginning. Each road that intersects our own brings its own magic that unfolds just as it is meant to. Billowing out in a puff of smoke to form the exact shape and intricacy it is meant to be. We are simply a blessed audience, watching a moment in time unfold. We are all simply bearing witness to the birth of that moment. Without comprehension and without any way of understanding the significance that smoky infant will play in our worlds. Just clap your hands and wait for the story to unfold…

There is only one thing that you can be sure of: CJ is back. And where ever CJ goes, Pussy inevitably follows. 😉

Moistly yours once again,




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16 responses to “With a Whisper or a Bang

  1. night owl

    Yay! Yay! A thousand times yay!
    Welcome back. Welcome home. Welcome to all the new tales and slippery wet silences between.
    One more ‘yay’.

  2. Beautifully said about the wild stories of this life. I could not find your like button so want to let you know I liked.

    • Thank you! I am looking forward to rejoining the party and maybe even giving throwing down some whispering banging of my own! 😉

      (Psst. I’m glad to see you found my button!)

  3. cAt

    It’s about time, so pleased to see you 🙂

  4. Can’t wait to hear all the juicy tales, and glad you’re back.

  5. I was irrationally happy to see this post when I opened my Reader today. Welcome Back! (to both of you)

    • We are thrilled to be back and absolutely tripping over ourselves to share some new tales with our friends.

      I haven’t seen Pussy this excited since there was a towel shortage in the men’s locker room at the 24-Hour Fitness!

      YEEEE HAWWWW!!!!!

  6. Welcome home, love. The words simply do not exist in my vocabulary to express the singular beauty of a phoenix rising once more.

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