Touch, Taste, Thrill

Don’t just stand there looking at me.

Touch me.

Unlock the chains that hold you rooted to doubt and put your hands on my warm body.

Feel the soft texture of my curves against your fingers.  Feel the dampness that gathers at my center, the moisture created by the mere sound of your voice.

Get on your knees. Put your lips on the soft places they yearn for. Ignore the fear.

Taste me.

Thrust your tongue, push your fingers into my velvet folds, lap up the juicy wetness you have created.

Love me. Fuck me. Possess me. Violate me with abandon.

Thrill me.

I am yours.  So don’t just stand there.

Touch me.



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62 responses to “Touch, Taste, Thrill

  1. obeyme15

    What an excellentway to start the weekend

  2. Derek

    Passionate Pussy, charismatic chanteuse of enthralling, erotic, compelling commands, an invitation that is relished with fervour, to embrace that sweetest of essence, that essential perfume of life force, to be saturated by the abundance of your fervent desires.
    Pussy a purveyor of pure fantasy paralleling my dreams.

  3. Derek

    One would be delighted to provide details to your stunning charismatic self
    Perfect Pussy

    • I fear, my darling D, that you would be woefully disappointed to discover that while intelligent and charming, salacious and possessed of a keen wit, I am no Pussy possessed of perfection.

      If, however, you were open to a few basic human flaws, among them being an unnatural affinity for bacon, then perhaps you would find a degree of delight in getting to know me.

      Perfection after all, is not only impossible, but tremendously boring to boot. 😉

      I like my saucers with a chip here and there.

      • Derek

        Perfect Pussy,
        Honesty is a very seductive turn on blossom.
        It is the glue of communication.
        Again tumescent tingling temptress, your affinity for bacon could be classified as an aphrodisiac, as there is nothing like coming home to smell bacon cooking especially after a long night shift, sitting down to enjoy, followed by lusty kitchen sex, with a sojourn of sharing the soap in the shower or Jacuzzi.
        My main plate settings is Royal Doulton brought for a song from the local Salvation Army thrift shop and if pristine would be a couple of weeks in the Caribbean.
        Perfection is in the eye of the beholder with the attendant Idiosyncrasies, foibles, quirks, eccentricities adding to that dimension; therefore removing the “boring” tag.
        The heady mix of salacious with sagacious intrigues and bewitches.
        The hallmark of an enchanting Pussy

      • Darling D,

        I confess I Googled Royal Doulton and now you have me writhing with curiosity as to which specific pattern is yours. I believe that, much like discerning personality traits by reading the bumps on a person’s skull, you can learn a lot about someone by their china pattern.

        I must also confess my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek just then. 🙂 But I am sure you knew that. If you learn anything about me, you will know my tongue has a tendency to plant itself firmly in all manner of places.

        I will agree that the scent of perfectly cooked bacon combined with the touch of a man’s lips just below my ear is a combination that renders me wanton jelly. A combination that, if tested, would likely lead to lusty sex in the kitchen and a vigorous sharing of suds would be quite necessary afterwards.

        I like your take on perfection. If viewed through your lens it seems as though boring would never even enter into the equation. And if it did happen to sneak past you, there is always the bacon/kitchen scenario to fall back on. 😉

        You are not without a little enchantment of your own, my commutating friend.

      • Derek

        La Belle Pussy chanteuse of eroticism and potent seductive prose.
        The pattern I believe is known as Royal Tudor Ware Coaching Taverns Green.
        You weave a subtle wefted web of enchantment intriguing Pussy

      • Thank you. 🙂

        I like the pattern. It has a sense of tradition and elegance. A plate that would indeed require perfectly cooked bacon to do it justice. Lucky for you, I know the secret for perfectly cooked bacon. I may be persuaded to share my secret at some point in our exchange but, for the moment, my delicious, pink lips remain sealed.

        Thank you for sharing an engaging conversation with me. Feel free to stop by for coffee (or do you drink tea?) conversation, and perhaps a little lusty prose, anytime.

        Moistly yours,


      • Derek

        To an engaging woman of intellect, conversation, salacious sagaciousness,
        savvy, sassy, a truly potent wordsmith of true consequence, one is delighted that my humble daily dining plates and accoutrements meets your approval.
        CJ aka Perfect Pussy (in my mind’s eye) my mere male ego is flattered by your invitation and my inner self worth is buoyed and assuaged by your sentiments.

        CJ your statement “perfectly cooked bacon” cause more than a raised eyebrow but a surge of curiosity that I know will require placating.
        Can one prise the secret from your “delicious, pink lips remain sealed”?
        My curiosity is now heightened as CJ as to how and when can I seduce you to reveal the “Secret”.
        And what type of bacon and cut?
        Not all bacon is equal.

        Thank you for the privilege to visit and tarry in your esteemed company.
        One imbibes coffee, tea probably coffee on balance.
        Chilled champagne, white and red wine with a selection of pate and chesses.

        Classically one would like to read an eclectic selection of erotica and compare the difference in the genre with you CJ.

        To an intriguing lady of rare charisma
        An admirer of intellect, intrinsic beauty and uninhibited sensuality

      • Indeed you are correct.

        Not all bacon is created equal.

        I do not pretend to know the intricacies of cut beyond thickness. Though, I suspect as with all things meat, there is a delineation that separates the most tasty cuts from their lesser brethren.

        But thickness, my refined friend, is a concept this lady understands intimately.

        And I require a thick, hearty cut of bacon.

        As to flavor, I have more whimsical tastes. Pepper bacon is a standard go-to simply for the reason that I like things a little spicy.

        But I have been known to enjoy the subtle flavors of applewood smoked and maple cured as well. I am a woman, after all, that appreciates diversity in her meat.

        I would enjoy a lively discourse with you about the eclectic selection of erotica you would propose. My drink of choice would likely vary depending on the food for thought being presented. For example, bdsm erotica would require something with a little more bite, perhaps a robust Cabernet versus a Pinot Gris. I am sure a man of your taste and refinement is more than capable of putting together just the right combination of tastes and flavors to accompany such a conversation.

        And indeed, I am quite pleased to have an admirer such as you. Delighted. Titillated even. And yes, if the stars are in alignment, maybe even twitterpated. 😉

        I am most definitely looking forward to your next comment.


      • Derek

        To La Belle CJ,
        Bacon is certainly not bacon and depending upon where one was born and grew up, before travelling the bye ways of remoter climes to work, so in the course of those journeys many different cultures and cuisine have been experienced and sampled.
        An interesting exposition on the subject is by the “Pauperedchef” at
        Originally hailing from London in the UK and growing up in the environs of Bedfordshire then my preference would be the British cut which differs in many ways to the Northern USA and Canadian cuts.
        Then there are flavours, smoked versus green or unsmoked, the fragrance left by the style of smoking coupled with the type of wood used in the process.
        Has the bacon been soaked in brine prior to smoking or not?
        How long the bacon stays in the process or curing?
        The nuances are multiple and that’s before one cooks it.
        The mentioned article states from the USA to griddle or broil where as in the UK one would fry invariably.
        So diversity abounds which would entail detailed exploration of the subject to ascertain mutual taste and satisfaction of palate and olfactory to achieve climax and salivation.
        One cherishes the idea of exploring the subject practically in depth with an aficionado of consequence i.e. La Belle CJ
        Wines and erotica. Delightful minx and playmate to savour the product of the grape then that really requires tasting in the geographical area of where they were grown. A light bulb moment sampling wine in conjunction with erotica of that area?
        One agrees depending upon the content of the prose then yes if it is BDSM then a real “gutsy red” would be the go. Though I have been very spoilt as spent some time in the Hunter Valley of NSW where great reds abound, as well as other regions in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and West Australia and the whole gamut of varietals.
        You might prefer a Merlot to a Cab Sav for example.

        CJ you are a breath of fresh air blossom of prose, thoughts and actions.
        One admires your intellect, style and undoubted charisma.
        If there is favourable affiliation of the alignment of the planets then so be it and thank you to Fates and Chance


      • D,

        How can I not be somewhat swept away by such a discourse on bacon? I mean, you included a link for goodness sake! While I am eager to expand my knowledge on the subject, it will have to wait for the morning, as it is quite late in the Pacific Standard Time Zone. 🙂

        I think a brisk cup of morning coffee and an article on the merits of various kinds of bacon sounds like an inspiring way to begin the day.

        I am going to go out on a limb and hazard that most bacon in the USA is brined before curing. I say that because when you fry it here, the end product becomes quite salty and often overpowers the more subtle flavors. I believe that is why broiling works better (and indeed, is still not the method I prefer!)

        I have little experience with English or any other European styles of bacon. Which is ironic really when you consider the fact I was once married to a Swede and my mother hailed from Manchester. It is baffling to think that all these years my knowledge of bacon has been so limited. I look forward to correcting that oversight.

        As for wine, again, I hail from California originally. I lived one county south of the Napa wine region. Between Napa and Sonoma Counties, the coastal regions and the later booming valley wine regions south, I have not enjoyed proper exposure to much beyond the local fare. An oversight that again, needs

        I am a fan of spicy reds. 😉 Again, it seems La Belle CJ has a fondness for things that ignite her.

        I like your brainstorm. I think a regional tour should include food as well. Then you pretty much have the basic sins covered, yes? Wine, food, erotica…sounds like a good time to me.

        At least, with the right company it would be. 🙂

        I am thinking those planets are looking good…

        Goodnight *xo*

  4. Derek

    CJ Magnificent mistress of tantalising seduction you have done more than tickle one’s fancy you have mesmerised and enchanted.
    One would be delighted to anoint you in the desired oil covering you from toe to head including foot massage and massage elements from Asian and European schools especially classic French and Greek.
    And it would be ecstatic to receive reciprocal treatment from your glorious and glamorous self.
    CJ you intrigue with compelling potency.

    • I had a feeling the bacon lube would clinch it. 😉

      I don’t think I can compete with “…massage elements from Asian and European schools especially classic French and Greek.” The best I could do would be a chapter or two from Massage for Dummies.

      But for you, my passionate admirer, I would roll up my sleeves and give it my best bacon-scented effort.

  5. Derek

    Delectable Pussy,
    One would welcome the experience of initiating your gorgeous self into the arts of remedial and overtly erotic massage CJ. and essential oils including your favourite scent as well.
    You are a rare orchid in the hothouse of life to be cherished.

    • You flatter me. But it is impossible to deny anyone willing to initiate me into uncharted erotic territory.

      My favorite scents lean towards what else? Spicy. 🙂 I’m nothing if not consistent.

      Amber, sandalwood and vanilla to name a few.

      Something tells me you might be a man who knows how to use his hands.

      • Derek

        Discerning lady of an abundance of intriguing facets of tantalising teasing charisma you are extremely perceptive blossom.
        Yes, very kinaesthetic, tactile and exploratory.
        Pussy your predilection for spicy is totally endearing.
        Your charm creates a resonance which is much appreciated

      • And your charm, sweet stranger with expensive taste in dishware, is equally resonating.

        I find myself with curiosity in full bloom as to the nature, color and texture of your hothouse. This blossom is eager to learn more about her new environs.

        I’m looking forward to the next piece of puzzle you choose to reveal.

      • Derek

        Let the tango of revelation begin enamouring lady who weaves a wefted web of charisma that titillates one’s curiosity with potent mesmerisation.

      • If indeed we are to perform a sensual exercise of intimate discovery seductive stranger, then I will presume you will take the lead?

        Surely a man as experienced and confident as you would not expect a lady to lead the dance?

      • Derek

        Enthralling enchantress you pose two questions.
        Answering the second one first, thank you for the accolades of “experienced and confident” (one’s ego is flattered but I suppose it is how one benchmarks “experienced and confident” as to whether one meets that criterion) then yes the man should lead.
        Your first question suggests reticence on your part CJ.
        But if a positive sign was evident then yes one would take the lead.
        One would suggest a public place to meet for a beverage /brunch requesting that you chose the environment or dinner with no expectations than what the fates want to inspire.

      • Curious admirer you read reticence in my words. I confess I am more tactical in my thinking. In this lively exchange of words, you have the advantage of being able to refer to a blog which helps paint a portrait, if not of me as a woman, then of the myriad thoughts that roam through my head while ticking off items from my grocery list.

        I do not have such an advantage but instead, must glean whatever information I can from our comments. Information such as the origin of your birth, and time spent in Australia (and indeed if my stats are to be believed, you still reside there). In addition you speak of massage, sensual exploration, night shifts, the domestic seduction of bacon, and your dinnerware. All things that demonstrate a degree of knowledge, a reasonably refined palate and a sense of tradition and elegance. So far, it has painted quite a fascinating portrait.

        In this engaging little game of conversational tennis, I am offering you the serve. Not necessarily out of reticence, but more out of a desire to take to the back of my court, nimbly dancing on the balls of my feet, racket at the ready and my eyes locked on you. Sometimes, I prefer to wait and see which direction the ball comes from before I show my game. 😉

        As for meeting, I think I know just the place. I would meet you there with butterflies in my stomach that I have no doubt you would put at ease.

        I still have my doubts though, that you would be up for a long dinner after such a long flight. 😉

        Don’t get me wrong, brunch would give us a perfect opportunity to resume the Great Bacon Debate and I would be prepared for such a discourse. But I have no fear at the thought of meeting you in a corner of a dimly lit restaurant. I would be open to whatever whim the Fates would cast upon us that evening.

      • Derek

        The game is afoot CJ
        One senses an intervention of the Fates for whatever reason or purpose.
        And that is as intriguing as your mysterious and mesmerising self CJ
        One wonder’s is one a moth drawn to the magnanimous brilliance of a wordsmith who is a virtuoso of seductive intelligence.
        One thinks that nothing ventured nothing gained is the order of the day.
        Yes the subliminal twists of conversation decree a more private forum may be more circumspect .
        Thank you for accepting my offer in the manner it was sent.
        Perception is a quality that I admire CJ.
        So my serve to you CJ is would you like to adjourn to a secluded setting to explore the threads that the Fates have dangled?

      • May I also point out, post-scriptitiously (And yes, I will invent words with aplomb, so watch your step!)
        I find it curious you have chosen such a public forum for this conversation.

        Part of me fears my comment threads may take on a higher degree of intrigue and sensuality than my blog itself. Perish the thought!

      • Derek

        What a beautiful word “aplomb” and then followed by “so watch your step!”, very intriguing.

        It adds a colour, a dimension, an ambience to the facets of your personality.

        There is also a hint of imperious tone.
        Commanding?, which with illusion to discourse on BDSM and a hearty red in early conversation, is it a subliminal hint that CJ is a closet dominatrix.

        Or is it my spin on an innocuous comment that appeals to my fantasises around role play?

        CJ one would never wish to distract you from the intent of your blog as it is so apparent that it is a life force of integrity and exploration of the genre for your self.

        There is nothing more sensual and sexy than an intelligent woman of purpose, uninhibited personality, culture and humour.

        A potent aphrodisiac which you certainly are CJ

        Which in this public forum my apologies if out of order but one is only being truthful around their thoughts and ideas which you have initiated.


      • It is a wonderful word, aplomb. And yes, when dropping new words into casual conversation, it is only polite to advise one to watch their step.

        I suppose you could say I have moments of imperiousness. But I have moments of soft yielding as well. It might be more accurate to simply say I appreciate diversity in all things.

        It is quite possible that given the evidence you could draw the conclusion that I am a closet dominatrix, but I would advise caution. Labels can be tricky and to attempt to label me before you truly know me is doubly so.

        I fear my previous comment was more wanton than I intended. I have enjoyed our discourse and look forward to more opportunities to see what shape our conversations take.

        While I know there is no real truth to the idea of a dinner meeting, I do enjoy the idea of a cyber version. I’ll have to consult my calendar and waterproof my laptop, just in case. 😉

        For the moment though, my forward suitor, I must remember in which order I am lady and slut and decline your invitation to join you in private conversation.

        I hope it will not dissuade you from continuing to comment and enjoy here in my tiny corner of the blogosphere.

        With the utmost respect and a tiny flick of the tongue I remain,

        Moistly yours,


  6. Derek

    To a lady of impeccable style, taste and courtesy la belle CJ
    Delightful muse and scribe, commentator on the human condition and effect of the modern world and woman’s standing in the intricacies of today’s society.
    The volleying of the ball in the court of this blog has been a therapeutic interlude, which has challenged me, made me reflective, caused outright mirth of the old fashioned belly laugh and the realisation that you CJ are a unique lady of talent, intellect and emotion.
    Paths cross for what reason et al but I feel that I am the richer for meeting you on the court.
    One concedes the point that you have won this round blossom.
    So a huge thank you CJ and the tyranny of geographical distance and location will intervene as where I normally work access to the web is severely limited at work and prohibitively expensive to connect privately.
    One of the negatives working in mining in very remote climes.
    I will come back when I am able as the elegance and honesty of your word smithing is uniquely refreshing.
    One sincerely hopes that you prosper and attract an ever widening following.

  7. Umm…I kind of want to know. Can I?

  8. cAt

    Well. That was all a rather interesting read… 🙂 I feel positively worded-out after those wordy comments…

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