Vessel or Wine?

Do you see the vessel or the wine?

When you look into my eyes

Do you see the scarlet hue

of my liquid soul?

Or do you focus on the shape of the vessel,

Scanning for chips or scratches?

Do you place your nose against me,

Inhale my scent,

Smell the chocolate melancholy,

the bright notes of joy,

or the spicy plum fire of my spirit?

When you look at me

Do you see the glass or the contents?

The vessel or the wine?

If you dare to taste me,

Do you gulp me down

or roll me on your tongue,

letting my flavors bloom on your palate

inside your mind?

Hold my vessel in your hand,

run your fingers around my crystal rim.

Breathe me in.

Let me envelop you in my many flavors.

Let me transport you

to the heart of your desire.

Drink me.

Savor me.

If you dare.

If you can see the ruby red pleasure

I have to offer,

and not just the shiny vessel

that contains me.

Do you drink or keep searching for another glass?

Taste my fruit or pass?

Savor the sublime?

Judge the Vessel, or drink the Wine?

Originally Published February 24, 2013

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18 responses to “Vessel or Wine?

  1. Exquisite and so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. xo

  2. Love this…and a glass of wine would make me love it even more lol!!! Well done🐱.

  3. definitely the wine….i want to drink it in, savor it, sample it again and again until I’ve divided and divined each and every separate flavor and nuance…mmm, what a delicious post

  4. cAt

    Will you now please make the effort to find the Love button? Because Like is just simply not enough… Excellent.

  5. loneyheart

    beautiful… and I had better be the wine!! silken and smooth on his tongue

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