Dear Master

Dear Master,

I gave myself to you as a gift.

Thrilled by your excitement, I couldn’t wait for you to unwrap me.

When you played with your new toy, I felt satisfied and content.

I felt loved and purposeful.

Eventually though, you grew bored.

My luster faded.

I was set aside with your other forgotten playthings.

I began to feel lost.  I became invisible.

As I sat untouched, collecting dust and cobwebs,

The yearning flame inside me nearly extinguished.

I almost lost the fire within me.

Withering in that dark lonely place you exiled me to.

But then a new flame began to burn.






Who are you to decide what I am worth?

While you feasted on my offerings,

My soul starved for intimacy and connection.

For the loving touch of my companion.

So why was I waiting like a dutiful dog?

For a Master who did not feed me?

Galvanized, I threw off the shackles.

I cut the ropes that bind and tie.

I packed my life into cardboard boxes.

Leaving empty spaces in your house.

Where colorful treasures once awaited.

Now only dust and cobwebs lie spread before you.

This dutiful submissive is climbing down from her shelf.

And ripping her freedom from your uncaring hands.

In a final act of sensual disobedience.

But that is nothing compared to the crime of neglect.

Submission is a gift.

Submission is a choice.

And the true power lies within the choice.

So I exerted my dusty power.

I made my choice.

This submissive only yields to a Master she deems worthy.



Filed under Erotica, Poetry

8 responses to “Dear Master

  1. tispersonal

    Holy shit, thats powerful! Good for you to remember that it is the submissive that holds all the power. You set the limits and a Master has to follow them. A fool is he who forgets that he can and will be replaced if he forsakes another.

  2. G

    Hugs, may you find a new Master who is worthy of you. This is very powerful, thank you.

  3. loneyheart

    such powerful words. This was how I felt in my marriage. I gave my all to him. I worshiped him in every way. I was dutiful and obedient. I was loyal and did my best to keep his attention and satisfy his needs. But time passed and I was not of intrest to him. I felt like a china doll on a shelf under a glass dome. Until finally I broke free. I climbed down from that self leaving the shards of glass and my heart behind. I am finding my own life and my own happiness amid the dust bunnies and I am happy here in Cinderellas cinder filled corner. perfection need not apply.

    • Perfection is a myth. I’ve said so for years.

      You and I have shared some very similar experiences – I have a feeling if we sat down over a cup of something to drink (coffee, herbal tea, Jack Daniels) we would find hours went by and we didn’t even notice.

      I am so glad you are free. 🙂 Now fly baby!!

  4. BlackCoffee4two

    Wow, this was powerful! We don’t often read about or feel the intensity of this moment when the submissive rises. Very well written…I could feel your passion and energy!

    • Thank you! It is a moment that can yield surprising results and revelations. But then, I guess you can say that about any situation when the tables are unexpectedly turned. 🙂

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