Sometimes I want your touch to feel like words of worship on my skin.  Sometimes I want to look up into your face and see the love, feeling it pouring like warm velvet over my body and soul.

And sometimes…

I want to feel you possess me like your salvation lies within my cunt.  I want to feel you driving deep, pulsing hard, hot thrusts that rock my body back against the wall, table, chair, elevator, whatever object you threw me up against right before you ripped my panties off and devoured me.

* * *

There are moments when I long for the connection of souls that can take place when the right bodies come together.  I want to feel that one-ness with you, in your arms, in your heart.  I want to know that beyond all the physical is a love so strong my clumsy human frailties can’t break it.  I want to fold myself into your arms – into your sanctuary.

And sometimes…

I want you to defile me.  I want you to take fistfuls of my hair and use my mouth like a Fleshlight.  I want you to slap my cheeks red and tell me what a good little whore I am.  I want you to growl into my ear while you fill my ass with your cock, commanding me to take you, forcing me beyond my own limits.  Afterward I want to fold myself into your arms, shaken, bruised, raw, and completely satisfied.

* * *

In one second, I will feel the overwhelming need to be close to you.  To tuck my head into the hollow of my snuggle spot and hear the steady cadence of your heartbeat.  To be grounded by you, tethered to the physical presence of you.  To know that in that second, for one heartbeat, I am safe. To know that in one moment you can be my anchor and in the next you can be my aggressor.  To know that at any moment, I can walk both paths with you.

And sometimes…

That knowledge is all I need.





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11 responses to “Sometimes…

  1. night owl

    I have a good friend who reaches a spiritual plane I strive for. He reminds me that we are infinite, that we have/are/will experience it all, and I try to remember that, but……
    …..THIS woman in THIS body at THIS time wants THIS.

    • Did your friend happen to mention how we go about having all those infinite experiences precisely when we want them? Lol!

      I’m too impatient myself sometimes. It is my life lesson this go-round. That and learning to flourish in the gray fog that exists between black and white.


      • night owl

        He hasn’t quite figured out that part yet. If he had, I can promise you that I wouldn’t be writing this – I’d be out having ‘experiences’!

        I know what you mean about gray fog. The longer I live, the less sharp things are. Everything is percentages and half-ways, and ‘yes, but’s.

      • The tricky part is flourishing and living to the fullest in the midst of all that ambiguity! 🙂

  2. bebedragon

    Gorgeous. I relate to this intensely and love that you have found the right words to describe these disparate, yet related, feelings.Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • I believe they are flip sides of the same coin. In the security and sanctity of love we find the freedom to let the beast off her leash. 😉

      I’m glad you liked it!

  3. Exactly. I couldn’t have said it better.

  4. loneyheart

    once again left breathless and in need. This is the perfect description of how my heart, soul, and body work. The deep and aching need to be loved and desired. They are not the same thing, and yet one without the other is but half of a delicious thrill ride.

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