Time to Confess

Only the darkness can keep you warm on an evil night like this…

Alone in my room.  A pink bow and a pint for my companions.  Swirling around me a thousand thoughts.

Searching my heart for its true desire.  Tearing apart the haystack to find that priapic, lone needle.


Are you looking for someone to give your little arm a twist?

Looking for someone who will give my soul a twist.  Bend my body, kink my mind.

Looking for the one who will claim me, unequivocally as his.


Everybody needs some danger sometimes. I’m no different.

I am prowling the dark alleys in my shortest skirt.  Needing danger to come and sink his knife deep.

I am living dead thirsting for the juices of life, waiting to suck cum from you like your cock is a straw.


Just think of me as your equal.

I am the feast on your plate.  I am the gift.  I am the goddamned answer to the question.

Feed on me.  Unwrap and accept me.  Acknowledge my reality.


You better pray for a miracle. Or you better pray this never ends.

I stretch my body like a snake across  a desert road.

Eyes intent on the distant horizon, will you step over or crush me?


No more crying.  I think it’s time to confess. 

I will flirt with this one.I will send photos to that one.  I will fuck the other one.

I’ll suck his cock with such divine perfection he’ll paint my throat and see the face of God on the bedroom ceiling.

Then I’ll leave him dewed with sweat and reverence on his bed.

Find his sister, his ex girlfriend, the coworker he desires.  And fuck them too.

And while my pussy clenches, while it drips and gushes for the hands, mouths, cocks and toys of the others.

My heart will be true to you.




Filed under Erotica, Poetry

10 responses to “Time to Confess

  1. mala

    Wow… fascinating!

  2. night owl

    I did this for a while, not all of it, but enough of it, my heart true to him while I fucked my way through a swath of people. I make no judgments but it was a damned dark place to be.

    Beautifully written, as always.

    • It can be a dark place, I’ll grant. But so is the place where you are held captive by your own fears and tethers – and let the love of a good woman slip through your fingers.

      Everybody knows that actions have consequences. What people lose sight of is the fact that inaction also has consequences.

      Love your comments, Owl. Insightful and thought-provoking as always. Keep em coming! 🙂

      • night owl

        Thank you, CJ. Just try and stop me!

        In my own life, I have more regrets for the decisions not-made than the ones made. When I start to beat myself up about things I’ve ‘done’, I remind myself of the alternative – the regret for not having tried.

      • Testify, Sister!! Cause that is exactly how I feel about it too!!

        I’m telling you…hours of conversation. 🙂

      • “What people lose sight of is the fact that inaction also has consequences. ”
        This times ten million!!! It’s unfortunate that some of us (read: my own damn self) learn that lesson a little too late. 😉
        This is beautifully written, so happy I found your blog! 😀

      • I think we all learn that lesson the hard way, not sure there is any other way to do that one!

        Thanks and back atcha!! 🙂

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