Final Act of Wistful Sin

Author’s note:  I wrote this back on March 1, 2013, when one of my favorite bloggers, The Wistful Sinner, deleted his blog.  I had enjoyed many hours of wet abandon in front of my computer on his blog site, and I felt that I owed him some kind of tribute.  So I wrote out my own little fantasy of meeting him in person.  I never did meet him, but I am pretty sure had I done so, the result would have been a wet, gushy mess and a Pussy that purred for weeks afterward.  🙂  I suggest you check out his blog.  He doesn’t post as often as he used to, but the man still knows how to reach down and stroke your clit with his words.


I wasn’t sure you would agree to meet me, but you did.  As I strolled along the paved path that wound through the park, I was glad I wore a coat. The air had a chill to it that matched the feeling in my belly.  Icy dread mixed with anticipation.  I figured I could count on you, as I always did, to add the heat.

I saw your figure on the park bench and my heart began to beat faster in my chest.  This was nuts, but there was no going back now.  You were focused on the phone in your hand, intently staring down and did not see me approaching.  Whatever you read was making you smile.  A lascivious grin, I could well imagine the nature of the story.

“Sinner?” I asked, coming to stop a few feet from the bench.

Your head snapped up and the grin grew wider. “CJ.” It was a statement, not a question. Your voice was mellifluous, flowing over me like warm honey.  You rose and extended your hand, slipping you phone into your other pocket. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Slight emphasis on the word pleasure, as though your mouth caressed the word as it passed over your lips.

“I brought you a present,” I smiled, reaching out and stuffing my black thong into your coat pocket.  They were still warm from my body heat. Warm and damp.  “A memento for later.”

You raised a brow, the grin widening by another fraction. “Excellent.”  You replied.

I suddenly felt awkward as I watched your eyes rake me from head to toe.  I resisted the urge to shift my weight from one foot to another.  “Totally fuckable.” You declared with a glint in your eye.  I felt my thighs clamp together under your gaze.

Before I could answer, you stepped forward and took my hand.  “Come with me.”

I walked beside you, our hands clasped together as you led us down the path a few yards.  As I held your strong, warm hand, I couldn’t help but wonder what that hand would feel like cupping my…

“This way.” You said, showing me a small, worn footpath off to the left of the paved walkway.

I walked in front of you my eyes on the path, your eyes on the firm curves of my ass.  The footpath led past a copse of trees and shrubbery.  As we passed the line of tall, leafy shrubs, there was a clearing with one lone, ancient oak in the center.  I stopped momentarily, not sure where to go.  The firm pressure of your palm against my low back propelled me forward, toward the oak tree.  As I walked your hand stayed on the small of my back for a moment before dipping lower and running over my ass cheek.  “Fantastic.” Came your low voice from just behind me.

I felt your hands on my shoulders gripping me and turning me to face you.  The next thing I knew, your mouth had found mine, our lips beginning a sensual dance that our bodies would soon emulate.  The hard bark of the oak was pressing against my back, the hard planes of your body against my front.

Your hands undid the tie on my coat, pushing it off my shoulders and to the ground.  The cold air caused an immediate reaction in my nipples.  Well okay, maybe the cold didn’t cause them to harden into stiff peaks.  But it sounded good.  Your fingers traced me, pinching me through my shirt as you caught my gasp in your mouth.  Your tongue slid between my open lips, tasting me as your hands undid the buttons on my shirt.  Your mouth was hot against my skin, the lace of my bra not posing much barrier to the hungry nipping of your teeth.

My fingers wound into your thick hair, nails raking against your scalp as the first of a hundred moans of pleasure escaped my lips.  I felt your free hand sliding over my hips, pushing up my skirt.  “Oh God, yes.  Sinner, please.”  I opened my thighs, inviting you to taste me.  You went down on your knees in the dirt, pushing my skirt up over my hips and spreading my thighs aggressively. Your tongue traced me, teasing my inner thigh before lapping at my dripping slit.

I cried out at the feel of your mouth, hot and hungry against me.  Pushing my pussy against you, grinding my hips as the filthy words began to flow almost as fast as my honeyed juices.  I could hear you groan, feel your mouth taking me in, sucking on my clit before plunging your tongue into me.  Your fingers were not far behind, stroking and delving my softness until I was bucking against you, swearing to the gods as my orgasm washed over both of us.  You lapped it up, licking me thoroughly before standing up.

I grabbed you then, pulling you against me and kissing you hard, tasting my own essence on your mouth, smearing me on both our faces.  My hand went to the front of your pants where your hard cock was straining to be let out of its cage. I tugged open your belt, unzipped you and freed your beast in one swift motion.  As I wrapped my fingers around you and squeezed, you groaned and braced your hands on either side of my head.  “Oh fuck, CJ!”  You exclaimed as my fingers traced and teased you before my warm hand surrounded you again, squeezing.

You grabbed me by the hips, lifting me up and burying your cock in me in one hard stroke that left us both making animal sounds.  You thrust hard, your cock taking up substantial residence in the hot confines of my body.  More moisture flowed as you pressed yourself into me.  I wrapped my legs around you, moaning into your ear, urging you on.  You fucked me thoroughly, with utter command.  Just as I thought you would.  The feel of you filling me was almost more than I could bear, the orgasm threatening to reduce me completely.  You wound a hand into my hair, the dark color between your fingers a stark contrast to your skin.

I thrust against you, using the tree for leverage to propel my hips up and forward against you.  I could feel your own orgasm building, just as surely as I could see the fire of the beast in your eyes.  I lost myself in that moment, ignoring the scratching of the bark against my back, only able to feel you, feel your body pounding mine.  “Fuck me, Sinner!” I shouted, not caring who the hell heard me.  I no longer cared about anything.  Not the blogs, not the readers, not the public park you were fucking me in.  All I cared about was you.  Your strong hands gripping me, your lips crushing mine, your cock filling my hungry pussy to the brim.  I wanted your cum.  Like the desert sands craved the rain, I craved, I needed your cum inside me.

I felt my orgasm ignite, the flames roaring to life inside me, the heat coursing through me leaving every nerve ending scorched and twitching.  My cries were joined by yours as you shuddered violently and fed my desert a feast of sticky sin.  We held on to each other as the spasms rocked our bodies and you smiled again, that beautiful, lascivious grin, at the sound of my indecent little laugh in your ears.

When we could stand without trembling, you pulled away, lowering my feet to the ground and returning my skirt to its original position with a wistful sigh.  You adjusted yourself, pulling up your trousers while I fixed the buttons on my blouse.  I expected it to be awkward, maybe even shy.  But as we looked at each other we couldn’t help but giggle together, like naughty children enjoying a private joke.

As the laughter died down, I tried to think of what to say next.  I bent to retrieve my coat and as I stood, saw you were walking away, heading back down the footpath.

“Wait!” I called, reaching out towards you, “Where are you going?”

“It’s time for me to go.” You said softly.

“But you didn’t say goodbye.” I pointed out, dumbly.

You looked at me, the smile returning to your face again as you shrugged. “I’m not one for goodbyes.”  You turned and took a few more steps down the path before stopping “Thanks, Sweetheart.  That was sublime.”

I felt a gentle wind blow through the ancient oak, rustling the leaves above me.  I watched silently as your tall figure disappeared beyond the shrubs.

“Goodbye, Sinner.” I whispered.

Copyright 2013 CJ Riordan


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