Press Play

You glance over your shoulder as you click play.  Your earbuds nestled in your ears, the quiet dark of your living room surrounding you.  She’s asleep upstairs.  She turned in hours ago, but your guilty conscience keeps you glancing back at the staircase, ever vigilant even though she wouldn’t be able to see the screen from her vantage point.

You exhale softly as the recording begins, not even realizing you were holding your breath in the first place.  You laugh quietly at yourself.  Your palms are slightly clammy and your breathing is quick and shallow.  You feel like a teenager sneaking a peek in your dad’s Hustler magazines.  You feel naughty, excited, guilty, horny.  And you love every second of it.

Your jaw falls open when you hear my voice.  It is deep, sultry, my words breathless because I had been teasing myself for over 20 minutes before I started recording.  I tell you that I am pinching my nipples into stiff little peaks and you can tell by the tension of my voice the exact moment when my fingers tighten on my hard buds.  As my voice narrates, my hands find their way down my stomach, to the sensitive skin on my inner thighs.  I cut myself off, my words turning to gasps of pleasure as I rake my nails up my thighs.  I am quickly losing my words, but I keep myself together enough to tell you how incredibly wet I am growing.

Then you hear it.

The wet, sticky sound of my sinfully aroused pussy.  As I flick my fingers over my clit and delve into my honeypot, my gasps turn to moans, my words growing dirtier by the second.

You can barely breathe, terrified to miss even a second of the experience.  Without even realizing it, your hand has found your lap, freed your swollen cock, and started stroking it in rhythm with me.  As my fingers tease and plunge, your mouth waters at the thought of my drenched pussy.  There is absolutely no mistaking the sensual deluge when I plunge the vibrator in.  It hums happily, my pussy slurping away with each thrust, my voice growing louder as I beg to be fucked senseless.

You would give anything in that moment to be wedged between my thighs, slamming your cock into me.  But instead you are home in your living room, no longer glancing at the stairs, cock in hand and head back as you mercilessly jerk yourself off to the sound of me getting off hard.

You can hear the orgasm coming.  You hear the strain in my voice, the tenseness of my body, the gasps and moans, the dirty, dirty words that accompany those dirty sounds.  You can barely hold off and as I scream out in pleasure, gushing fluid over my blanket, you fill your palm with cum.

You slump back in your chair and listen to me as I laugh delightedly.  We catch our breath together and the last sound you hear before my sexy voice bids you goodnight, is the tight, sucking sound of my vibrator being pulled from my juicy hole.



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10 responses to “Press Play

  1. night owl

    Even the guy on the couch is getting better sex than I am! Hmmm.

  2. WOW. You’re one of the blogger’s I’ve missed a great deal. Thank you for welcoming me back with such an amazing mental image. for the record, before I read the words I really WAS wishing I was between your thighs 😉 GREAT job.

  3. The kind of good night all sinners dream of

  4. I love your stories. And I’m appreciative you elected to list my own blog!

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