The Hazards of Phone Sex

Oh brother.  You are not going to believe what CJ has done now.

Okay so I don’t know if you are aware of this, but our sweet little CJ has a kink for phone sex.  Personally, I think she likes it because phone sex doesn’t require time primping in front of the mirror.   I think we can all agree that CJ is an impatient little whore when she wants some.

So she meets an interesting prospect and a phone call ensues.  Good conversation, broad range of topics, laughter and a good vibe.  As the hours pass (yes, this was one of those kind of phone calls) the conversation turns frisky.  Pretty soon, CJ is panting like a slut into the phone while this guy hits all of her buttons.  He tells her what he will do to her.  How he will push her down over a table and plunge his fingers into her cunt any time just because he wants to.  He tells her how he will spread her thighs wide so he can shove his finger in her ass while he fucks her hard.

Needless to say, CJ enjoyed the conversation very much.  When the command came to go fetch a toy and shove it in her ass, she complied eagerly.  In order to perform the next series of requests her gentleman caller made, it required CJ to push the limits of her flexibility.   Not having done any stretches in order to prepare for this rather athletic sexcapade, CJ had a monstrous orgasm followed in quick succession by two more as her caller commanded he give him three orgasms.

By 340 am when the call ended, both were satied and very sleepy.  When CJ woke the next morning she noticed some slight stiffness in her low back.   As the morning progressed the pain worsened to the point she could not get out of bed.  One weekend, a trip to urgent care, an ambulance ride to the emergency room, and several shots of strong medicines, CJ is now at home resting.

When asked by the doctor if there was any inciting incident to precede the muscle strain/sprain that was causing muscle spasms and excruciating pain upon movement, CJ contemplated telling them about the phone call.  Instead she reported having carried a 25 pound box of firelogs up three  flights of stairs Friday evening.

Sure CJ, sure it was a box of firelogs.  You know the truth as well as I do, you strained your back fucking yourself like a whore and loving every second of it.  Admit it, you did this, literally, to yourself.

I know.  I was there.

So there you have it readers.  CJ is out of commission until further notice.

I’ll be your entertainment in the meantime.





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5 responses to “The Hazards of Phone Sex

  1. night owl

    I knew about the kink – been there, done that. The things we do for good phone sex!

  2. And now we need warning labels for phone sex, too! 😉

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