A New Direction?

As I string the words together, they feel hollow.  Even to my own ears.  I find myself writing and saving to draft, half completed, unable to bring myself to finish yet another post about sex.

Do I still like sex? Hell yes. Do I still crave it? Like my lungs crave air.  But there is an air of cynicism, a dark edge in my writing that feels unsexy to me.  My fingers seem to want to give that dark edge a voice.  To give the mic to someone other than the Pussy for a while.

Could it be I am moving into a state of mind that is something other than carnal?

If so, do I share it here?

Has the time come for me to move in a new direction?



Filed under Erotica

9 responses to “A New Direction?

  1. Yes share it here! New directions are delightful and show growth in our writing… hell, look at my eclectic blog, many voices sharing the mic there.

  2. night owl

    I say, yes, share it. As I moved and shifted from submissive to … whatever the heck I am, my journey has been reflected in my blog. I lost some of those readers who were sex focused, yet I gained readers who share my journey in different ways.

    It is, after all, the journey – not the destination – that matters, and you are a poweful voice that I want to hear.

  3. Blogs evolve. And that’s a good thing. Hoping to see your evolution.

  4. Michael

    Yes, mix in all your interests, fantasies, and experiences. We all enjoy a little variety! 🙂

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