Do You Remember?

It wasn’t that long ago you held me in your arms.  Do you remember the feel of my skin beneath your fingers? Do you recall the sound of my voice as you made my pleasure soar to the breaking point and beyond?  Do you remember that little, sultry laugh?

As the days flow to weeks and the weeks become months, the memories of you are fading beneath the stroke of new hands.  I do not often pause to reflect or wonder now, as I did in the early days.  Now I simply accept the void; the empty space you left behind.  But there are moments in the quiet dawn when I wonder if you remember? I wonder if you ever miss that space we filled together.  Is there anything at all about us that you miss? Do you have moments of your own in the quiet dawn or darkened hours of the night?

Do you remember?





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2 responses to “Do You Remember?

  1. loneyheart

    we all have that someone in our past that we wonder about. something that was but did not survive and yet they hold such a deep place in our soul. Yes I too wonder.

    • I don’t know about a deep place in my soul…but I will admit to the occasional quiet moment of wonder.

      Some things are meant to serve a purpose and no matter how much we want that purpose to be bigger and more meaningful than it is, it can only be what it is meant to be – nothing more, nothing less.

      Don’t be too carried away by my wistful musings. They are only blips on the screen between one hard cock and the next…

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