That Look

His hands trail down the soft curve of her shoulder, his body sated, but still responding with a tremble to the softness of her skin.  He closes his eyes, relaxing into the softness of the pillow.  He smiles as she exhales softly and snuggles deeper into his shoulder.  The silky texture of her hair teases his arm as she turns her head, burrowing her cheek against his chest, lips brushing his nipple.  She tastes him gently at first.  Mouth and tongue lazily grazing his skin.  Her caresses become purposeful; her hand sliding down the soft fur on his belly.  Her smooth palm travels the length of his thigh, running back up his leg and cupping his balls, surrounding them in a soft, warm caress on the return trip.

He purrs in response to her touch, amazed at the effortless way she elicits a reaction from him.  His cock is fighting the lassitude of his last orgasm, sleepily rising to seek her damp offerings again.  A throaty chuckle and his eyes snap open.  He glances down at her and sees that familiar twinkle  – the gleam of mischief in her dark, sultry gaze.  He knows she is contemplating whether or not to leave him to his rest.  He can also see her body is making the decision for her.  She turns her hips, rising up and straddling his leg.  As she lowers her mouth to his thigh, teeth nipping at the sensitive skin before her tongue begins tracing dirty words on his balls, he can feel the exquisite heat coming off her sex.  Like a living, breathing animal, her pussy is calling to him and his body is answering in spite of his exhaustion.

Unconsciously his fingers tangle in her hair.  He sweeps back the dark locks so he can watch her mouth’s long, slow descent down his cock. The feel of his head against the back of her mouth causes the blood to flow in earnest.  As she traces her tongue in circles over the head of his cock, lapping up the taste of herself still left behind from their last coupling, his body arrives at full attention.  In a heartbeat, his hunger rises like a tiger and his hips thrust forward, sending his swollen cock deep into her throat.  She takes him all, one hand running down his belly, the other cupping his balls again.  She stabilizes him with one hand and holds herself still to receive his thrusts.  She barely moves as he pumps himself into her mouth, but he can feel the suction of her lips and tongue as he thrusts.

She begins her counterstrike; her movements the perfect foil to his thrusts.  She doesn’t move far, maybe an inch or two, but they are the difference between feeling his cock in her mouth, and feeling the head of his cock caressing the silky slickness of her throat.  He groans, hands wrapping around her hair and his palms apply pressure to her cheeks.  This gesture has no practical purpose.  He just can’t help himself – her mouth feels that fucking good.

She rises up, wiping the spit from her chin with a sexy grin as she straddles his hips.  He is one step ahead of her, guiding his cock to her wet slit like an eager hound waiting at the gate for its master.  She waits, just beyond his reach, eyes alight with passion.  She asks him in a husky voice, “Do you want my pussy?” He groans, one hand wrapping around her hip as he tries in vain to pull her down on top of him.  She laughs, throwing her hair back off her face as she lowers herself just enough to coat his head in her juices.  “Answer me, lover.”  She says pivoting her hips forward and back, dragging her pussy across his head.

“Fuck yes,”  he says in a breathless voice.  “I need you now.”  He strains upward again and is rewarded by one inch of entrance into her velvet gate. She takes his hands and brings them to her breasts and he squeezes hard, knowing she likes a firm hand on her breasts.  She gasps as his hands squeeze tight and she impales herself on his hard, red cock.  He fucks up into her violently, his hips pounding a furious rhythm from beneath and she counters once again with her own stroke.  He rises up, wrapping his arms around her and throwing her down on the bed.  He grabs her leg, opening her wide to him and buries himself inside her again.  He can feel the impact of their bodies, the sound of their skin making contact eggs him on as he fucks her with a furious intensity.  He can see she has lost herself in the moment.  Her eyes are closed, lips parted as she gasps in pleasure at his sensual assault.  She tenses her body and screams, pouring her liquid sacrament over his cock.  He shudders at the way her pussy twitches and clenches him, knowing it won’t be long before he has made an offering of his own.  A few hard thrusts later and he pulls out – just in time to spray his pleasure across her tits, coating her – marking his ownership.

She laughs breathlessly, her hands caressing his essence, rubbing it into her skin like a precious lotion.  He flops back on the pillow, sweat dewing both their bodies as she resumes her place nestled against his shoulder.

God damn.  He loved it when she got that look in her eyes.




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