A typical family restaurant.  At a typically family-oriented hour.

My thoughts are anything but appropriate for children.

I’m watching you from across the bar, sly smile playing on my lips. Maybe you can sense my intent. Perhaps you caught a glimpse in one of my furtive glances. A glance that lingered just a fraction too long.

We’re surrounded by wholesome Americana but rather than Apple Pie, I’m thinking of the taste of your cock.

Throbbing in my mouth, bulging with desire.  Thrusting deep in search of release – a favorite, if unacknowledged American pasttime.

There could be a wife, a girlfriend, even a daughter not that far from my age. Doesn’t matter. I’m still going to sit here and give you Fuck Me eyes.


Because it is a typical Thursday evening.

Because I’m surrounded by wholesome images.

Because you smiled at me when you walked in.

Because I wanted to.

Because I can.



Filed under Erotica

7 responses to “Because

  1. Because I wanted to…because I can – my favorite part of the whole thing. 🙂

  2. Mmm, delicious shivers over here too 😉

  3. augustmacgregor

    Such a delicious contrast by the family-friendly atmosphere and your lusty thoughts. That paragraph in the middle (“Throbbing…”) jumps out with a startling surprise, but a very very nice surprise. You have a thrilling imagination.

    • There is something about a wholesome environment that brings my animal lust to the surface. Perhaps it is the universe seeking balance. Either way, when things are throbbing, I’m a happy camper indeed. 😉
      Thanks for the comments! I’m pleased that my imagination thrills you!

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