Moment of Change

When did it happen?

When did that moment occur when you stopped fucking me and started making love to me?

I didn’t see it happen, I didn’t feel the shifting of your emotional tide.  I just know at some point it changed.

You stopped spanking me.  You stopped pulling my hair.  You stopped tying me up, clamping me down.  You stopped the punishments.

You started caressing my skin.  You began stroking my hair.  You put away your tethers and devices.  You stopped trying to leash me.

When I asked you about the change, you said you didn’t need those things.  That you liked us just the way we are.

And I knew.

The shift had taken place.

The tide had changed.

You are invested.

I can see it in the subtle depth of colors in your eyes.

I can feel it in the loving way your mouth moves over mine.

Your feelings are silently present in the quiet moments lying naked with my head against your shoulder.

They are on the tip of the tongue you use to kiss me.

We laugh about it.  Joke about how it isn’t happening.  You assure me you are staying in your box.

But you are lying – and so am I.

There is a subtle depth of color in my eyes too.

There is something on the tip of the tongue I use to kiss you.

We aren’t fucking any more.

We are making love.

And now there is only one course left to take.

There is one more moment whose time has come…


The moment I let you go.



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13 responses to “Moment of Change

  1. Beautiful words CR, and then the end came, the end I thought wasn’t going to be familiar to my being. It was and I silently said, Nooo.”

  2. Reblogged this on lilylick and commented:
    …so well written

  3. Am I getting the point of this right? That “Making love” instead of “Fucking” means the relationship is dead / is dying?

    I love to beat up the pussy as much as the next man, but sometimes I find it just as hot to make love to my woman slowly. The orgasm can be just as intense, no?

    • You’re off the mark a bit my darling.

      The point is that in this place and time, it is an unwise decision to let these seeds take root and grow.

      Sometimes these seeds blossom into beautiful flowers that enrich our gardens. And sometimes they grow weeds that choke us and leave our garden depleted.

      Just because it feels good doesn’t make it the right choice.

      But I can’t argue the quality of a tender orgasm over a hair puller. Well, I CAN, but that’s a post for another day. 😉

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