Moment of Change – Part Two

Seismic movement happens in waves.  The same can be said of us.  In the first Moment of Change, I prepared to shed you like a skin that no longer fit me.  But now, the earth beneath me has undulated once again.  Where once there was a valley, now a mountain has formed…

Moment of Change – Part Two

I talk a great game.

About living fearlessly; about living with intent.

I pride myself on facing my fears; not letting those fears hold me back.

I am lying to myself.

Your caress has awakened more than just my body.

Your smile has shined light into darkened corners.

As I feel my vulnerability rise up to meet your kiss

So too the fear rises up to meet you.

Still reddened where the wounds of last November flayed me open,

My desperate instinct was to protect my heart from another blood-letting.

And my fear nearly drove me away.


But I am not the same woman I was before.

And I am not beholden to make the same frightened choices I have made in my past.

I can own my feelings.

Voice my emotions.

Face the monster in the darkness.

Expose my vulnerability to the light.

Regardless of what you say or do after you see it.

In the end, what you do with that knowledge is your decision.

What happens next is in the future, beyond our reach.

But right now,

There is another moment whose time has come…


The moment I let you in.




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4 responses to “Moment of Change – Part Two

  1. Oh – I feel a hushed silence of anticipation, exhilaration, terror, pure love, empowerment and gentle freedom of vulnerability itself. Go forth and risk it all!

    • Lol somehow I knew you would approve. You have a romantic heart Lady Jayne. I can only hope the bravery lasts. 🙂

      • You know, I think the romance exists in exquisite moments – not continuously. It’s my greed that wants it every moment. I think its about reaching it as many times as possible – like that old time brass ring on a carousel is more of the reality of it all. Seriously, what do you have to lose? nothing you don’t know how to handle already right? No risk, no glory. ( Now, if I can only follow that line of thought for myself. xo, Jayne

      • Good point. At this point, not risking anything I wasn’t about to walk away from anyway.

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