Open your eyes…

To the pain I feel, the struggles that have beaten me down, broken my spirit, dampened my fire.

To the wretched beauty of my destruction, the way I sacrifice until it leaves scars, the way I come back each time you strike a blow.

To the swelling resolve, the deafening thunder of truth that fills me as I watch every move you make and see them for the selfish manipulations they really are.

To the love, that once burned bright inside me, gave buoyancy to my feet, my laughter, my spirit, now tarnished.

To the playful, sensual pleasures I gave you, imperfect but valuable gifts offered to you in perfect innocence, – gifts blindly accepted.

Open your eyes…

To the gulf that stretches wide between us, to the chasm of mistrust you have filled with a river of blackened, wet dishonesty and omissions.

To the culpability you bear but refuse to accept, they were your choices: to hurt, to wound, to deny, to inflict the same pain again.

To the fact your charm does not have the power it once did, your words ring false, even as they are whispered against my shivering skin.

To the emptiness that replaces me, for you may not value a chair that you sit on every day…that is until you find yourself tired with no place to rest.

Open your eyes…to what you did:

You destroyed a sanctuary.  A holy place created by love.  You took something beautiful and drained it of everything that was magical about it.

Open your eyes…to what you lost:

A partner, lover, and friend, an opportunity that will never be offered again.  A beautiful gift all the more precious for its flaws.

Do me one last favor, lover.

Open your eyes.

So you can see me as I walk away.




Filed under Erotica

4 responses to “Open

  1. Good stuff, like a punch in the gut.

  2. Wow! This is AFUCKINGMAZING!! Deep, cleansing and raw. BEAUTIFUL!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Oh my lovely Miss Amelia, thank you. It was very cleansing to write. But how much easier it is to put words on paper than to put thoughts into actions. Sometimes our hopes and dreams can be our own worst enemies.

      Happy thanksgiving Lady!

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