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My New Pet

It was the culmination of a dance that began last April.  A man and a woman, who had been spending time as “friends” yet sizing each other up for something much more.

Your interest in me is unclear.  But my intuition says your interest stems from the hope there is a Domina within me.  And you are betting your hand that she can be unleashed.  You want her unleashed so that she can put that leash on you.

You asked to see pictures of the marks you left on my pale skin.  The teeth marks, the bruises where you alternately bit and sucked me until my pitch changed from pleasurable pain to pure pain.  I replied that you would need to earn those pictures with your obedience.

How swiftly you complied!  You were so eager to obey.  It shocked and delighted me.

And so we begin a journey together.

One task.  One picture.  One picture for each mark.  And with each task, you will take me deeper within your mind, within your psyche.  Until I am there in your thoughts whether you want me there or not.

And so we begin the training of my new Pet.


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