Missionary Statement

Why a Missionary Statement?

Because without direction, finding your destination is a dicey proposition.  When you focus your energy on a goal, you stand a much better chance at achieving it than you do if you randomly wander –

Oh PLEASE, CJ!!! Give it a rest, will ya? 

Look, a Missionary Statement is all well and good.  But let’s be honest about what you really want here. 

You want to read some good smut; something that will make your nether regions swell and tingle a little.   You want to be thrilled, titillated, turned on, and teased.  You want to read erotica that makes you feel like there is a tongue on your skin, tracing every dripping wet word across your body.  You want to feel CJ’s words penetrate you, envelop you, spank you, reach down, grab your viscera and yank until the wet spot starts to show.

You have come to the right place.

What else is there to say?

Oh, and pay no attention to me.  I am just the Pussy behind the curtain.  😉



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