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A Little Tease…

So there is this little thing that has been going on for some time now between yours truly and a fellow WordPressian.  You might call it a bit of a fling; an affair of words, if you will.

You see, it all started with a little word exchange in a comment thread.  As you all know, words are indeed powerful weapons.  Suffice to say this fellow blogger is armed with words of significant length and dimension and uses his, ahem, weapons very well.  😉

So today someone threw down the gauntlet.  Not a battle, not a war of words to see which one of us could verbally dominate the other.  Oh no, a challenge of a much more insidious nature:  A collaborative writing effort.

Oh CJ, you did not just go there??!!   Oh my heavens, no!  CJ would never do that.

Pussy on the other hand…

Oh yes, my sweet, sex-starved readers, Pussy did.   Not only did she go there, she texted me a picture of her standing next to the “Welcome” sign and stopped for burgers, fries and jell-o shots at the favorite local watering hole.

Now my faithful followers, you get to sit back and witness the chaos that ensues when an impertinent Pussy paints CJ into a corner.

What was that? Oh, Who? You want to know who the (un)lucky fellow is?

Stay tuned my beloveds…




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A Pussy In Motion

Greetings to all my Pussy Pals, old and new! 

Just a quick and dirty love note to tell my friends that the Pugnacious Pussy has moved.  Not the blog site mind you, but the actual physical abode of the Puss.  The House of Pussy has a new address! (Nope, not gonna share it.  I’m not ready for visitors!)

So Pussy has been getting worn out and dirty (not like that you perverts!) and unpacking boxes, building furniture (who knew Pussy could operate tools that didn’t use batteries!)

There has been very little time to write.  So Pussy is going to share a little something from the Vagina Vault. 


Be back soon friends with fresh, hot coffee in hand and fresh, hot stories to tell.




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For Those That “Like” Pussy

Yes frisky followers of the Hairless One, you may now “Like” your Pussy once again!

While rooting through a drawer looking for the keys to my handcuffs (Sorry Ohio118, I really didn’t mean to leave you hanging!) I found my long lost “Like” button.

So come on over, stick out your digits, and press my button.

That’s right, I said press my button.

Hey! Where are you going? I did not give you permission to walk away. You are the submissive here in case you didn’t know. So obey your Pussy and push that button.

Mmmmm…that’s right. Just like that. Lovely.

Now click it.

Oh! You clicked Pussy’s button so hard. Pussy gets a little out of hand when you “Like” a little rough.

Oooh! Click it again, right there. Oh yes, yessss, press it baby! Click it hard! Oh yeah! You really “Like” that Pussy don’t you?? Oh god, that’s it baby, now put me face down and press it again….use two fingers…yesyesyes! Now both hands…mmmmmm…oh..fuck…don’t stop…I’m gonna…oh God, YEAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

Whew. That was incredible. Thanks for your time. 😉

Your Panting Pussy


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