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Author’s Note: The Fickle Vagaries of Pussy

Friends and Followers of Pussy,

Writing, at times, can be a fickle mistress. In spite of the thousands of words at our disposal, sometimes as authors we fail to convey our message in a way that satisfies.

Take for example yesterday’s post, “Son and Consort.”  I have taken it back to the draft stage so that I can re-work it and hopefully, coax it into the form that I had envisioned when I sat down to write.  I hit publish a bit hastily – what can I say? Sometimes even I get a little eager for the Pussy.

A trusted friend assured me that, while a jarring left turn in subject matter ensued, I did not cross the boundary into Creepyville.  Not that it would have been the first time (anyone remember “Security”?) but let’s say there are certain junctions in Creepyville even this train doesn’t want to stop at.

So hang in there friends and be patient.  Sometimes the Pussy needs some gentle stroking and a bit of probing before she gives up her secrets.

Moistly yours,




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So You Want A Taste…

…of my reality?

You sure about that? I mean, Pussy is playful.  CJ is studiously filthy.  Are you really sure, dear reader, that you want to see the next layer?

The part of me that is real?  As real as the soft skin of my body?  As real as the darkest fears in my heart? You want to see a glimpse of that girl?



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Pussy Progress Report – 12-14-13

Hi there my horny little readers,

Pussy here to just give you a little update.  CJ is much better, moving around and rehabilitating from her unfortunate injury.  At this point, the jury is still out on whether or not the mind-blowing orgasm that accompanied the strain was actually worth it, but hey, on the bright side she got a doctor’s note that gave her permission to stay in bed for a week and take narcotics.  I’m pretty sure there are at least one or two people out there who will have a pang of jealousy reading that.

Sad part? She’d rather be up and about, hauling a Christmas tree up to her new apartment, decorating with her Ella Fitzgerald playing, the smell of cinnamon and pine in her nose.  She’d rather be chatting with friends, shopping for surprises to delight her friends, close and far away, just to show them she is thinking about them.

Because she is.  She is thinking about her friends.  The ones who here came to her side and helped her to the emergency room.  The ones who braved icy roads to get her home and back to a safe place.  The ones who brought her healthy food and the ones who brought her naughty food.  The ones who reached out to make sure she was really okay, even the ones who just came to sit on the floor next to her bed for a while and keep her company.  Of all the medications and rehabilitation having been offered, those small connections with friends have proved to be the best medicine.

She is going to be fine.  CJ is a pretty tough cookie.  And just because she’s too incapacitated to lie in bed and type about the naughty thoughts she is having at the moment, trust me friends, she is having them and very much looking forward to sharing. 😉

And one day soon, that naughty girl will put away the Valium and Percoset and get back to delighting you readers.

And CJ has decided to add a new year’s resolution to her 2014:  More yoga classes so the next time she gets told to turn herself around and dp herself hard, she can oblige without a trip to urgent care.

Gotta have goals, right?

Stay wet friends,



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A Pussy In Motion

Greetings to all my Pussy Pals, old and new! 

Just a quick and dirty love note to tell my friends that the Pugnacious Pussy has moved.  Not the blog site mind you, but the actual physical abode of the Puss.  The House of Pussy has a new address! (Nope, not gonna share it.  I’m not ready for visitors!)

So Pussy has been getting worn out and dirty (not like that you perverts!) and unpacking boxes, building furniture (who knew Pussy could operate tools that didn’t use batteries!)

There has been very little time to write.  So Pussy is going to share a little something from the Vagina Vault. 


Be back soon friends with fresh, hot coffee in hand and fresh, hot stories to tell.




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For Those That “Like” Pussy

Yes frisky followers of the Hairless One, you may now “Like” your Pussy once again!

While rooting through a drawer looking for the keys to my handcuffs (Sorry Ohio118, I really didn’t mean to leave you hanging!) I found my long lost “Like” button.

So come on over, stick out your digits, and press my button.

That’s right, I said press my button.

Hey! Where are you going? I did not give you permission to walk away. You are the submissive here in case you didn’t know. So obey your Pussy and push that button.

Mmmmm…that’s right. Just like that. Lovely.

Now click it.

Oh! You clicked Pussy’s button so hard. Pussy gets a little out of hand when you “Like” a little rough.

Oooh! Click it again, right there. Oh yes, yessss, press it baby! Click it hard! Oh yeah! You really “Like” that Pussy don’t you?? Oh god, that’s it baby, now put me face down and press it again….use two fingers…yesyesyes! Now both hands…mmmmmm…oh..fuck…don’t stop…I’m gonna…oh God, YEAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

Whew. That was incredible. Thanks for your time. 😉

Your Panting Pussy


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I am Aphrodite

I am just an average woman.
Average height, average weight, average looks.
Victoria will not share her secrets with me.
The only time I stop traffic
Is when I press the crosswalk button.
I am not the pinnacle of male desire.
When I smile at strangers their souls do not feel mated.
Their cocks do not jump like eager fish leaping at flies.

But when I am with you I transform.
When you stand before me naked
Heated longing engorging your body and mind
Words of passion spilling from your lips
Seeds of passion spilling from your rigid cock
You become a mirror
Whose reflection beams silver-threaded beauty back at me.

Your eyes reveal the sweet curve of my smile
Hands testify in fervent whispers
To the silken texture of my skin
Your body shakes with ravishing trembles
You drink my beauty unquenchably
Worship my curves, valleys, peaks and plains
Your sighs, the moans, the gasps and groans
Sing wordless hymns of the heaven found between my thighs.

I watch my beautiful reflection obliterate you
You cheerfully pull yourself together so I can obliterate you again
Your mouth lays claim to every part of me
I have never felt as beautiful as I do
When wrapped in your arms, thrusting, straining, screaming.
You make me love the primal beast we become
When I see my reflection in the mirror of you
I am not just a visitor in the Temple of the Goddess.

I am the Goddess.

I am Aphrodite.

original publish date: January 15, 2013

Copyright CJ Riordan 2013


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Love Notes From CJ

Beloved Pets,

Guess who’s back? Back again? Pussy’s back, tell a friend!

Words cannot express how pleased Pussy and I are to be back among our literary family. It has been a long few months, filled with upheaval and transition, metaphorical births and deaths, and plenty of erotic inspiration. 😉

Among my many wicked plots and schemes is a series I am calling “Confessions.” The first of these shall be unveiled within the next week so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, should you have any confessions of your own you would like to share, perhaps you will stop in at Pussy’s Confessional where you will find Pussy lends a most comforting ear. Pull up a pillow, pour yourself a cuppa, and unburden your spirit among friends.

In addition, I will be bringing back some old favorites from the Cliterary Closet. Posts that are near and dear to my heart, mind, and of course, Pussy.

I am looking forward to catching up on blogs I have missed reading and seeing what mischief my beloved Pets have gotten into in my absence. But I promise not to spend too long reading. After all, I must write…Pussy demands it.

Moistly yours,



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