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Domination Calling

“Do you like that, slut?”  His voice was soft, deep with a rough edge to it.  I could hear his breathing, heavy and uneven.

“Yes.” I panted into my headset.  My hands were far too occupied to hold my cell phone.

“You like it when you fuck yourself in the ass, don’t you whore?” His voice was trembling slightly.  I could hear his excitement and it fueled mine.  His arousal reached across the distance between us and scorched my skin.

“Yes.” I gasped, barely able to hold back the moans long enough to answer. “Oh god, oh fuck yes!”  My hand pumped the plug into my ass, my body writhing as my excited pussy oozed moisture everywhere.  My other hand was gripping the headboard with white knuckles.  It was the only thing maintaining separation between that hand and my hungry clit.

“Good girl.” He said, fighting to maintain control of himself.  “Now, pinch your clit. Hard.”

I did as he commanded, my sounds serving as confirmation of my obedience.  “Good,” he breathed raggedly, “Very good.”

I couldn’t stand it.  I needed to cum.  I needed to finger my clit, to plunge something, anything, into my pussy.  It had been almost an hour.  Pinching, pulling, teasing, his voice the strings that dictated the movements of my erotic dance.  He had brought me to the edge and let me teeter there, listening to me as I breathed, moaned, cried out to maintain my balance.

“Please.”  The words left me as a whisper but ended as a groan.  It was all I could manage.  It is hard to talk when your body is on fire.  I could feel the tears in the corner of my eyes as I heard the primal need in my own voice.

“Please what, whore?” He prompted.

“I need to touch my clit! Please!”  I struggled to speak.  I didn’t care if I sounded pathetic.  I didn’t care if I sounded whiny or desperate.  I just wanted his permission.  Needed it.

The silence dragged out as I continued fucking my ass, switching hands quickly as one grew tired.  The moisture of my body coated my fingers.  I could still feel and smell the dried moisture on my face from earlier, when he made me smear my pussy juice on myself.

“You may touch it.”  He was breathing harshly now and I sensed his own struggle was taking place.

I gasped and my fingers flew to my clit, rubbing it slowly in contrast to the furious pumping of my ass and I moaned my thanks.  It was only a minute before I was gasping that I was going to cum.

“Stop.”  I almost ignored his command but the steel in his voice was like an invisible chain, yanking my hand away.

I did as he instructed, even though it pained me to do it.  He repeated the ritual a few more times, bringing me to the edge and yanking my hand away with his iron words.  It was a physical ache now.  The need was howling but I still obeyed.  I panted, slowed my pace and waited the eternity between his last command and his next question.

“I’m going to cum soon, slut.  Tell me where you want me to cum.”  His voice grew raspy and the sound of it was like a hot tongue flicking over my pussy.  It twitched in eager response.

“Anywhere you want.”  I said, “Except my face. Not on my face.”  I could hardly wait.  My body had been riding the edge of this wave for so long, I felt as though I was going to explode.  I breathed deep, trying to calm myself as my hand continued delivering strokes into my ass with the plug, long and slow.

“Where?”  He asked again.  He needed me to be specific.

“My pussy.”  I told him, laughing out loud.  The torture I felt was so exquisite, so complete.  All I could do was fuck my ass and laugh.  “I want you to cum inside me.”

“You want to feel my cum in your pussy?” He asked unevenly.  I could hear him teetering on his own edge and the sound of it gripped me.

“Mmm hmmm.” It was all I could say, my attention was entirely focused on the sounds of his arousal, the sound of his cock being pumped by his fist.

“You may touch your clit again.”  He grunted at me.  My fingers flew with lightning speed to the center of my urgency.  “Rub it fast and hard.”  His voice was growing tight and I could sense his orgasm was nearing.  I could almost feel his swollen head inside me and my hands worked faster, pumping my ass quickly as I rubbed.

We reached our crescendo together, my cries reaching a fever pitch just a stroke or two before his.  I could almost feel the heat of his cum inside me.  I could hear his shudders wrack his body, the sound of his release thrilling me just as mine had done for him.  And before I knew it, I was laughing with delight.

Utterly spent.  Satiated.  Finally given permission to cum.

Copyright 2013 CJ Riordan – Originally Published March 19, 2013


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