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Who’s the Sub?

I agreed to meet you at the bar.  I told you I’d be the one in the black tights with the growling pussy.  You laughed and said I should be easy to find.

I’ll admit, my approach was less than subtle.  But the hunger was rising like a burning tide inside me.  Demanding release, needing touch.  There was no way I could hide it so I figured the safest bet was a full-frontal assault.

We met and relaxed over beer and conversation.  I caught my gaze as it locked on the outline of your nipples through your t-shirt.  Mmm…my mouth tingled at the thought of their hard outline between my lips.  I momentarily lost track of what you were saying.  Mesmerized by the fantasy reel playing in my head, I watched your lips move and picture that motion on my swollen clit.

We made casual conversation while I killed you in a game of darts.  That’s it, you announced with a smile, the handicap is over.  Next time, we both play straight – no slop.  I grinned back, the competitive spirit inside me alight and reveling in a heady rush.  Just one of many heady moments to come.

We headed out, my stomach rumbling with hunger that nearly matched that of my craven pussy.  In the parking lot, your mouth found mine, your fingers making a beeline for the V between my legs.  I opened my thighs and welcomed your touch, stopping myself just shy of grinding into your palm – there were people on the sidewalk behind me.  We discussed stopping for something to eat on the way to my place.  We made it a only a few blocks from the bar, when I texted you.

Forget the food.  Take me home and fuck me.

Your response:  🙂

I felt myself flirting with a dangerous edge.  My hunger had an unbidden quality that worried me.  I didn’t know you well enough – didn’t know if you would receive the full brunt of that danger well.  I fought for control even as my hands found their way into my pants. There were no panties to navigate, just the full lips of my pussy, already swelling and moist.  The beast had arisen…

We arrived at my place.  I continued to struggle for control of the animal urges while I poured a drink and flipped on a CD. But you read my signals.  You knew what I needed.  You wasted no time, stripping off my blouse and freeing my breasts to your touch.  You kissed and sucked them, twisted and pulled them in that way that makes me exhale in a slow hiss.  You squeezed them tight, trapping blood in my nipples and increasing the sensitivity.  I wrapped my leg around you, peeling off your shirt so my hands could touch your skin.  You leaned me back over the couch, then changed direction, pulling me by my nipples to the other side of the sofa.

You waited for me to remove your pants and laughed when I lacked the initiative.  I made an embarrassed mental note: next time, examine the belt – so I can rip it off with accuracy and not make a fumbling mess of it.

Take me to the bedroom I asked you.  I needed to have room to move, this passion could not handle the confines of the sofa.  You stood and grasped my taut nipples in your fingers, pulling me like a dog on a leash.  I obediently followed my master’s footsteps.

In the bedroom, I felt the swell of passion rise inside me like turbulent seas sluicing up in a punchbowl.  I pushed you down on the bed and my lips found your cock.  I licked the salty fluid from your tip, savoring the flavor of your desire.  I want you to cum on my tits I said breathlessly as my mouth worked its magic and your cock grew full and hard.  I was drunk on the power my mouth had over your body, seduced by the way you moaned and worked your hips beneath my face.  I went too far.

But you can’t cum until I say so.

Who is in control here?  The velvet softness of your voice belied the steel beneath.  I felt your hand clench into a fist at the back of my head.  You pulled me up, denying me the feast of your cock, pulling my face back up to yours. I am the Dom here you said with a silky growl.  You brushed your lips across mine, tightening your fist in my hair and giving me a little shake.  Who’s the sub?  You pulled me close, your mouth closing over mine in a kiss that swept over me like an inferno. I am, I sighed against your lips.  My mind fought for control, part of me wanting to push that boundary further, craving the knowledge of your dominance over me.  The other part of me wanted to please, wanted to retreat from the animal within.  That part won.

You pushed me back down, thrusting my face down onto your cock and pumping into my throat with a few deep thrusts to drive your point home.  I accepted you, accepted my place, yielding to your touch and giving up my pussy to you like an offering on an altar.

Our bodies engaged in an erotic performance; a dance of sensation punctuated by sighs and groans, grunts and strangled sounds, the deafening clap of your hands reddening my ass as a reminder.  In the end you kept the beast in its cage, you fed the hunger and ignited a new craving.

I have touched myself countless times since then – eyes closed, lips parted as my body thrusts and strains for release all the while repeating your words:

Who’s the sub here?

I am…for now.




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Morning Kiss – Part Three

Continued from Part Two and Part One

There was little preamble before he firmly placed my hands against my bedroom wall.  I held still, my head inclined gently to the side, watching him as he looked me over.  I smiled, knowing he was trying to decide where to touch first. I arched my back  and gave my ass a slow back and forth swivel.  His hands took the bait and reached for my hips. My breath came out in a hiss when his smooth fingers made contact.

He was not rough with me.  I failed the test and my hand slid away from the wall, reaching behind me to feel the bulge in his jeans.  He said nothing, just firmly, decisively put my hand back in place.

He touched wherever his fingers roamed from the swell of my breast to the curve of my hips.  He filled his palms with my breasts, breathing into my ear how much he loved the weight of them in his hands.  My reply was a throaty laugh as my ass drew circles against his crotch. I could feel my hunger growing.

He satisfied his need to touch, hands spreading my now-bare ass cheeks tracing the line to my slick entry.

It was time.

He drew me to the bed, lay me down and straddled me, reaching for the massage oil he had requested I set out by the bed.  He started smoothing the muscles of my back in long strokes.  I sighed as I felt my body relax, strung between the delicious tension of sexual arousal and relaxation.  His fingers traced the edge of ass cheek down to my pussy and I gasped when he flicked across my clit.

Instantly the beast was awake.  I spread my thighs, raised my hips up hungrily to his touch.  He slid his fingers back and forth before stroking over my clit again; using the moisture seeping out of me spreading it like honey from clit to ass.  I breathed a sigh that turned to a moan as his fingers traced my ass.  “Inside me,” I groaned, raising my hips up and pushing my knees farther apart.  “I need you inside me.”

He complied and thrust two long fingers into my hot tunnel.  We both groaned then.  I reached for his cock, my fingers nearly frantic.  He lay down beside me and offered me his cock.  I waited a beat, my eyes never leaving his as I licked the salty moisture from his tip and engulfed him in one, smooth motion.  His head fell back and his hands gripped my head.  I could feel his hips lifting off the bed, thrusting hungrily up into my throat as his hands pressed down. I understood the message. He wanted it deep and I gave it.

I felt his thick cum hit the back of my throat and tried to swallow but he wasn’t done.  He thrust his head ever deeper into the back of my throat, gagging me and pouring another surge of semen down my throat.  I almost laughed at the quiet brutality of his orgasm.  I could feel him shuddering in my mouth.

He sighed contentedly, stroking my hair for a moment before pushing me back down on my tummy, reaching again for my still-soaking and ever hungry pussy.  His fingers entered me swiftly, finding my spot with minimal effort and I felt the waves of pleasure flow over me as he began to slide his fingers in and out.  His thumb swirled across my clit and my hips arched up.  He took advantage of the view and told me how hot it was seeing my ass clenching with pleasure as his fingers disappeared into the wetness below.  My body was craving him and I came swiftly.  Too swiftly for his taste.

He turned me over, cupping my sex and rubbing it with his palm, lips lapping at my nipples before the nipping of his teeth began.  He pulled his hand away from me and brought it down in a sharp motion. I gasped as his palm slapped against my pussy.  “Spread yourself.”  His low voice intoned. I reached down with my hands, opening my full lips and exposing my tender clit to his touch.

Slap.  Jump.  Slap.  Twitch.  Slap. Moan.  Slap.

The sounds of my wetness grew and I could see my juice glistening against his palm.  My breath was coming short and hard, my back arched up hips meeting his palm with each slap.

“Fuck me, please!” I could stand it no longer.  Blindly I grabbed his hand after a final, surprisingly hard slap, and thrust his fingers into me. I refused to relinquish my grip on his hand and I held him tight, shoving his fingers into my pussy and fucking myself with his hand.

He laughed out loud at my hunger, the sounds of his deep laugh lost in the din as my orgasm crested like a killer wave, flooding us both, soaking the duvet in saline.  My pussy gripped him tight and I thrust a few more times, making sure every ounce of sensation was drawn from the orgasm before bringing his hand to my mouth. I sucked at his fingers, happy, breathless and utterly thrilled.

Next time, he tells me he will bury his cock inside me.

I can hardly wait.


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A Pivotal Act

“Come here, Pet.”

The deep baritone of his voice summoned me.  Without question, I set my e-reader aside, rose from my chair and went to his side.

“Kneel.”  I complied.

He gazed at me silently, his dark eyes hard to read.  There was a pensiveness about him I could not put my finger on, but I knew better than to question him.  I simply waited.

He leaned forward and gently removed my reading glasses.  His thumb a featherlight caress on the high arch of my cheekbone.  Finally, he spoke.

“You will remove my pants and pleasure me with that sweet mouth.”  My mouth watered in response.

“Yes, Sir.” I replied, eager to begin.  I could feel the warm rush of heat coursing through me at the mere thought of his hard cock in my mouth.  I reached eagerly for his belt.

His hand stopped me.  “I’m not finished,”  he said firmly.

“Yes, Sir.” I replied and dropped my hands back into my lap.  I crossed them, my hands forming a V of overlapping fingers, just as I had been taught.  His preferred pose of supplication.  Hands in lap, eyes down, back straight.

“When I am ready,” he continued in a voice tinged with steel, “I will cum on your face.”

My heart skipped a beat and I gasped involuntarily.  He will what???

The words alone made tears spring to my eyes.  The thought was like a fist grabbing my entrails in a cramp of pain.  I did not understand how my beloved Sir could defile me that way.  I mentally flashed through the last several weeks, grasping blindly for anything that I had done wrong to warrant such punishment.  I could come up with nothing.  A sob bubbled to the back of my throat, where I held it fiercely in check.  I could feel his eyes on my face, gauging my reaction.

I struggled with the revulsion, the horror that accompanied the mental image of hot, sticky cum squirting onto my face.    I struggled to maintain my composure, to be the dutiful, obedient submissive.  I fought for control of my disgust.  I fought and I lost.

The sob burst free as I reeled back, rising to my feet and backing away quickly.  I tried to scramble to the safety of the sofa; I wanted to run.

He anticipated my move and sprang out of his chair.  His large hands gripped my arms tight and he jerked me towards him.  “You will kneel!”  He commanded darkly, his iron grip on my arms pushing me to the floor.  ” You will kneel and you will listen.”

I had no choice but to kneel before him.  His hands released my arms and one wound tightly into my hair.  I cried out, more from fear than pain, and my breathing began to edge toward hyperventilation.  He pulled my head back, forcing my eyes up to his.

“You must accept this.  It is my command and you will do as you are told.”  He said quietly.  “I have waited long enough.  You will never experience the true freedom found in submission unless you embrace it fully.  I can’t call myself your Master without placing my mark upon your beautiful face.”  His voice softened then, and one hand released my hair and cupped my chin.  “I know you are frightened of it, of your reaction to it.  I wouldn’t demand it unless I thought you were ready.”

I felt my near-hysteria ebb slowly as his words sank in.  His hand caressed my face as he waited and watched the struggle of emotions play in my eyes.

Was I really ready for this?  Could I handle it?  It was my hard line, my absolute boundary.  And now, he was ordering me to cross it.  I took a deep breath and tried to stop myself from shaking.  The fear licked at my insides.

“It is time.”  He said, loosening his belt.  He settled himself in the chair and crooked a finger at me.  I hesitated then crawled to his feet.

“It is your most pivotal act of submission.”  He acknowledged with a smile.  The smile faded.

“Now suck, my little slut.”

I placed my hands at the small of my back, forming the reverse V he preferred.  My body began to shake again as I leaned over his hips and opened my mouth.  His cock was already nearly hard.  He exhaled softly and his head fell back against the chair as my mouth performed a pleasure-filled dance across his cock.

In s pite of the ending, which I was not looking forward to, I could still feel myself getting wet.  My body responded to the sensation of his hard flesh in my mouth just as it always did.  The act of sucking him was both thrilling and terrifying.  Yet even as I savored the feel and flavor of him, I was not sure I could do it.

As he neared his orgasm, I could feel the fear pulling at me.  With every masterful stroke of my lips and tongue, I knew I was one step closer.  His hand fisted into my hair and he drove himself deep into my throat, holding me perfectly still for a moment while he struggled for control.  He pulled out of my throat with a groan and I shut my eyes as my stomach began to churn.  In an instant, I knew I was going to submit.  When I realized it, the feeling was like that moment at the crest of a roller coaster, just before the earth falls away beneath you.  Suspended, terrifying bliss.

Hot liquid shot across my mouth and cheek and I flinched reflexively.  As the second and third streams poured across the same path, my face remained upturned.  The rush of emotion was unlike anything I had experienced before.  Somehow, he had managed to avoid coating my eyes and I opened them fully when I realized it.

The look on his face was complete joy and satisfaction.    As his cum oozed down my jawline, dripping onto my tank top, he reached a hand forward and wiped a thumb across my cheek.  He smeared a dab of his cum on my forehead, then another smear across my other cheek.  He repeated this over and over, until my face was carefully and lovingly painted in his cum.  As he anointed me, his joyful expression turned solemn.   He leaned forward and kissed me.

“You are mine.”


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