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His Revenge

Continued from “Tremble

As soon as she releases the tethers from my wrists, I grab her. I pull her close to me, kissing her hard, letting her feel my hunger. I don’t waste any time, sliding my hand down her belly and slipping a finger between her lips. She’s wet, really wet. God damn, I love how wet her pussy gets. Makes me drool to see and feel the slick arousal between her thighs. Fucking gorgeous.

She moans. She can’t help it. She is a noisy one, my beautiful slut. I smile and said, “You like my fingers sliding into your wet pussy, my little whore?” She smiles back and gets wetter, she always does when I talk to her like that. I probe her with just the tip of my two middle fingers, sliding in just far enough to feel her clamp down on me before pulling back and flicking her clit again. I take a handful of her hair, not hard enough to hurt but enough to show my authority, and my mouth bruises her lips. I kiss my way down her throat as I flick and stroke her clit. I smile at the way her body jerks with each flick. I let the stubble on my face rasp her soft skin on my way down. At the base of her neck, I pause for a second. She groans low in her throat as I count in my mind, one, two, three! On three I bite her neck, sinking my teeth into her skin as I simultaneously slide my two fingers deep into her cunt. She cries out in painful pleasure as bite turns to kiss. The bite will leave a slight mark, but one that will fade overnight. I like to save my more lasting marks for her sweet ass.

The sound she makes is like a siren call to my cock. I tug her hair, pulling her head back and dragging my teeth across her throat. I finger fuck her with purpose, occasionally pulling out and snapping my fingers against her clit. I can tell by the way she moves her body, by the sounds she is making, she loves it.

She grinds her hips against my fingers. She moans her approval. Her hands frantically grab at my shoulder and ass. She wants my cock bad. I can see it in the hungry, wild look in her dark eyes. It matches the animal lust in my own.
I bring her to the edge, finger her with authority until she is shaking and telling me she’s going to cum. Then I stop. Pull out my fingers and stuff them into her open mouth. “Lick them off.” I tell her. I enjoy the whimpering noise she makes, knowing I just left her hanging on the edge of a killer orgasm. Little does she know, she hasn’t even begun to whimper yet.

I wrap my large hand around her neck, my cock twitching at the sight of her lips wrapped around my fingers. I pull them out of her mouth and shove her down hard on the bed. She goes face down into the mattress with a grunt of surprise; her tight ass up high in the air. I grab her hips and jerk her back against me, letting her feel my hard cock but not have it. “You don’t tie me up, little slut.” I growl, slapping her hard on the right side of her ass. She cries out, the sound muffled by the bed. “I’m the one who does that.” I smack the other cheek of her ass. Her head comes up a bit and I shove it back down. “Don’t move.” I tell her, knowing she will not defy me. She knows I mean business. I may have enjoyed what she did, but I take issue with the fact she tied me up. Big time.

I jump off the bed in one lithe movement, untying the rope from the bed frame. I return to my position behind her again, noting with grim satisfaction that she had not moved an inch. “This is what happens to cheeky whores who push their man too far.” I tell her as I tie her wrists together behind her back. She turns her face to from side to side, trying to find an opening between the bedding and her hair. She is wriggling her ass in anticipation, her beautiful pussy oozing wetness.
Without any preamble, I bury my face in her slit. My tongue drives between the wet folds to taste her excitement and then journeys to her throbbing clit. She makes little animal noises and pushes her pussy against my face hard. I smack her ass, hard enough to pull her up short. She cries out in real pain and does not push back against me again. I turn over, lying on my back and putting my head between her thighs. I use one hand to pull her down onto my face, my tongue again finding the wet nub of her clit. With my other hand, I rub the raw skin of her ass then stuff my fingers back into her pussy. I love the feel of her pussy on my face. The way her wetness runs down my face, the taste of her, the sound she makes. Oh damn. My cock is rock hard.

She is so worked up it doesn’t take long before she’s shouting obscene words and about to cum again. I put my hand firmly against her ass and push hard, lifting her off my face and driving her face down on the bed again. I slide out from underneath her, covered in her juice and grinning like a fool. She’s practically in tears she needs it so bad. I lift her face and kiss her, smearing her with her own juice. “You want me inside you?” I whisper, my lips against her ear. “Fuck YES!” She screams. “I need it now, fuck me NOW!!” I laugh. I love it when she says that.

I can’t wait to be buried balls deep inside her. I position myself behind her again, my cock at her wet, quivering entry. I tease her with my head, stroking her from clit to ass, spreading her moisture because I’m going to bury a finger in her ass while I fuck her. She is whimpering again, almost crying, and whispering “Pleeaaassseee!”

“Anything for you babe.” I tell her and bury my cock in one swift stroke. She cries out like an animal and I shove a finger in her ass as I start pumping her. I don’t take it slow, not this time. She needs it now. Hard. Fast. Wet. Dirty. I deliver, slamming my cock home, our bodies slapping together with each thrust. I can feel her ass twitching around my finger, contracting just like her pussy is. She is so wet, so fucking hot. I am lost. Just totally lost. My hips work her like the pistons in a Hemi. I grab her bound wrists, pulling her arms up a bit to raise her up, using the leverage to jerk her back into my cock. I pound her until she swears to Gods I’ve never even heard of and cums like a freight train, spraying hot liquid across me. I keep pumping, knowing any second now I’m going to fire my load into her belly. I pound her a few more times and fireworks go off behind my eyes, in my balls. I pump her full of my hot cum and lower her to the bed. She lies there, twitching from head to toe, tears of release on her cheeks and a befuddled smile on her lips.

I untie her wrists and lie beside her, curling her body into mine. “Next time you tie me up,” I say, “Better just leave me tied.”

She laughs.

Originally published February 23, 2013

Copyright 2013 CJ Riordan


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“Close your eyes and just relax.” I tell you softly.

You lie back on the bed, naked, skin still moist from the hot shower we just finished. You’re tingling all over, whether it was from the blissful scrubbing I gave you or the feel of my hands on your slick body or the anticipation, you can’t tell.

I smile sweetly as I reach down and retrieve the rope from the side of the bed. I lift your hand and slip the knot around your wrist. Your eyes fly open in surprise, words of protest already forming on your lips. “I’m no submissive, sweetheart.” You begin with a tinge of panic.

I stroke your face gently and lean in close to brush your lips with mine. “Don’t worry,” I reassure you, “This isn’t about submission, it’s about enjoying the gift of pleasure.” As I speak, I gently tighten the knot around your wrist, just as one would slip a leash on a wary stray dog. You look at me long and hard, asking yourself if you really want to do this. After all, you don’t know me that well. Part of you is curious, part of you is wary, but all of you is aroused so you relent and lie back again.

I reach for your other hand and repeat the action. You are restrained but there is enough play in the rope to allow you to move your hands, though your range of motion is limited.

I reach for the remote and click the CD player on. In the background you hear the sweeping, sensual notes of a song you don’t recognize. I lean in close again and the scent of my skin fills your senses. My lips taste yours, sweeping across your mouth slowly, savoring you. They continue to your jaw and down your throat, up the side of your neck near your ear. My breasts are brushing your chest, nipples tracing your skin. “Close your eyes.” I whisper in a low voice. You shut your eyes. “Relax your body.” I instruct. You do your best under the circumstances.

I break contact with your body and there is a long pause. You resist the temptation to peek and see what is going on. The answer comes quickly as you feel my fingers gliding over the lengthening shaft of your growing cock. I touch you softly, tracing my fingertip over the ridge of your head, teasing the opening at the tip. Your breath catches in the back of your throat as you feel the tip of my tongue follow the same path that my finger did. With tiny flicks, I whip your head with my tongue, spreading moisture over your skin and sensual delight throughout your body.

My other hand is reaching for your balls, stroking them lovingly, cupping them while my thumb rolls across the soft skin. My mouth can’t resist and I have to kiss you there at the soft, sweet junction between your balls and ass. The feel of my lips against you makes your cock twitch in my hand and you breathe out a sigh. The tension has left your body, leaving no trace of anxiety behind. Now you are filled with a new tension…a delicious tension whose release you eagerly anticipate.

My tongue returns to your cock, now rigid in my palm, and I lick your head. I make small circles around the opening at the tip, poking my tongue down inside and tasting you. I relish your flavor. You begin to squirm as your desire grows. You want to feel my mouth all around you, not just teasing your head. I lick down the shaft, dragging out the torture for a moment longer before coming back and engulfing your cock in my hot mouth. You gasp at the sensation, muscles contracting involuntarily. I see your hands pull at your tethers, trying to reach for me without success.

I run my wet finger down your crack. As my mouth moves slowly up and down your shaft my finger begins tracing your ass, teasing it with gentle pressure. My tongue is sweeping up the underside of your head, running along the seam in broad strokes. Your breathing is fast and shallow now, your legs tense, hips thrusting forward against my mouth. I take you in deeper, to the back of my throat, increasing both the rhythm of my mouth and pressure of my finger below it. I can feel you shaking, knowing all the foreplay in the shower has left you teetering on the brink. The way my mouth is working you now, fast and deep, sucking and fingering you, is not helping matters.

You groan, pulling against the restraints with growing frustration. The urge to grab my head and ram your cock into my mouth is burning you alive. You jerk savagely against the restraints, cursing them out loud before telling me how fucking good that feels. I know it does. Your swollen, red, straining cock is showing me exactly how good it feels.

I can’t believe how wet I’m getting. The feel of your hardness in my mouth, pressing against the back of my throat, is driving me insane. I want to fuck you so badly I can barely restrain myself.

I pull back, licking down your shaft and sucking you balls once more before driving my tongue against your ass. As my tongue writes wicked sentences of lust against your ass my hand is sliding up and down your shaft. Fingers sweeping over your head, gripping you tight as you thrust up against me, mindless with passion.

I can feel your orgasm coming. You are going to explode. I wait until the last second before I pull my tongue away from your pulsating ass and swallow your cock again. You cry out like an animal, jerking your hips up against my face as you fill my mouth with cum. Hot sticky streams of it. You paint the inside of my mouth and throat with your juice as spasms seize you. You shake and grunt, muscles clenched and hands pulling taut against the ropes as your orgasm obliterates you. As the spasms subside, I lick you clean.

I sit back with a smile, wiping saliva from my chin and admiring the beauty of your face, so perfectly relaxed and content. Your eyes are still shut and a blissful smile hovers on your mouth.

Suddenly, your eyes pop open and you growl, “Untie me. It’s time for my revenge.”

Your words cause the moisture to leak down my thighs and I reach for the ropes…

Originally posted on February 21, 2013 – Copyright 2013 CJ Riordan


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Touch, Taste, Thrill

Don’t just stand there looking at me.

Touch me.

Unlock the chains that hold you rooted to doubt and put your hands on my warm body.

Feel the soft texture of my curves against your fingers.  Feel the dampness that gathers at my center, the moisture created by the mere sound of your voice.

Get on your knees. Put your lips on the soft places they yearn for. Ignore the fear.

Taste me.

Thrust your tongue, push your fingers into my velvet folds, lap up the juicy wetness you have created.

Love me. Fuck me. Possess me. Violate me with abandon.

Thrill me.

I am yours.  So don’t just stand there.

Touch me.


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